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Feb 15

Written by: Jack Ciesielski
2/15/2010 9:00 AM 

Plenty of good reasons abound, like digging out the driveway a little more, cleaning up the basement or working on the tax return. You know, stuff that's gotta get done, but a movie would only put off the inevitable task a little longer. And there's another reason: maybe because everybody loves the movie so much, it could only be a letdown if you actually invested the time to see it.

Fortune's Geoff Colvin comes up with a better reason than any other in his January 28 piece: it's flat-out anti-business. From Colvin's article:

"The top-grossing movie in the world, Avatar, is on screens now, and it clearly identifies the most evil force in the universe. It's business.

"There's only one thing the shareholders hate more than bad publicity," says the smarmy manager of an unnamed company's mining operations on the planet Pandora in Avatar, "and that's a bad quarterly report." Slaughtering hundreds of peace-loving Pandorans may generate some nasty press, but he decides to do it anyway -- in the name of profit." 

Not that you should care whether or not I go to see "Avatar." I merely wanted to draw your attention to Colvin's article, which is dead-on if you have had to listen to many anti-business harangues and flawed populism from anyone over the last few months. Top-notch stuff.