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Sep 29

Written by: Jack Ciesielski
9/29/2008 6:54 AM 

On Friday, the Financial Accounting Foundation appointed Marc Siegel, leader of the Accounting Research and Analysis Group at RiskMetrics Group, to take over the board post currently held by George Batavick, who will retire from the FASB.

I've known Marc from our membership on the Investors Technical Advisory Committee since it started in January 2007. I think he'll be a fine addition to the slimmed-down board - and he's going to be joining it a pivotal time in the Board's history, as it faces the fallout from the Wall Street bailout bill - including a hostile pushback of fair value accounting. Not to mention the IFRS convergence efforts, which seem to have been forgotten in the last couple of weeks by most observers of the financial reporting scene. (With good reason.)

I'm sure Marc will do a fine job and will bring a keen understanding of the investor's point of view to the table. Good luck to him, and best wishes to George in his retirement.