In The News

Jack Ciesielski is frequently contacted by the press when accounting issues need to be explained.  All articles below are available by contacting Brenda Rappold at

The Baltimore Sun

Options are nice for recipient, but a cost for the stockholder (4/10/02)
Accounting Triage: How To Fix The Industry In The Wake Of Enron (2/18/02)


The Next Test For Fannie and Freddie (4/30/07)
Another Options War (5/5/03)
What Rough Beast (12/23/02)
Contributions to underfunded plans will actually boost some companies' future profits (12/9/02)
Fighting the Last War (3/25/02)
Get Real! (5/28/01)
Put Out (1/8/01)
No Substitutions Please (11/9/99)
More Second-Guessing (8/24/98)
To the Ramparts (12/1/97)
Tapping Goodwill (10/26/92)

Barron's Online

Promises to Keep (11/28/05)
The Other Retirement Problem (11/28/05)

Bloomberg Personal Finance

10 Ways Earnings Lie (9/5/01)

BNA Securities Regulation & Law Report

Microsoft Shift on Stock Options, Expensing Seen as Boost for FASB (7/14/03)
Daily Tax Report: AICPA Leaders’ Letter on Enron Draws Critisim From FASB Chairman, Others (2/7/02)

Business Week

Master Of The Options Universe (10/23/06)
How The Options Mess Got So Ugly--And Expensive(09/11/06)
Blogging For Dollars (7/11/05)
The Boss On the Sidelines (4/25/05)
Up Front: A New Lease on Accounting (4/11/2005)
Stock Options: The Fuzzy New Math (7/14/03)
$100 Billion Goes Poof! (6/10/02)
How Options Skew the Bottom Line...And Lower Taxes (3/4/02)
Behind Tyco’s Accounting Alchemy (2/25/02)
Accounting In Crisis (1/28/02)
The Numbers Game (3/14/01)
The Ins and Outs of Cash Flow (1/27/01)
Commentary: Earth to Dot?Com Accountants (4/3/00)
The Hidden Costs of Stock Options (12/6/99)
Which Number Is The Real McCoy? (10/11/99)
Earnings Hocus-Pocus (10/5/98)

CA Magazine

Bringing Pension Accounting up to Date (March 2003)


Accountancy (July/August 2003)

CFO Magazine/

Regulator's Quandary: Which IFRS To Use? (09/27/07)
Material Whirl (November 2006)
Will Fair Value Fly? (September 2006)
Stock Options, Meet Pro Forma (10/31/05)
A GAAP of Their Own (7/01/05)
Investment Insight: Is Corporate America Adequately Managing Employee Pension Funds? (08/04)
The Plan of Plan B’s (6/1/03)
Metrics: Down to the Core (7/1/02)
Think of a Number (5/24/02)
Is Herz the Right Man for FASB? (4/30/02)
Calling Off the Dogs (12/1/01)
Revenue Recognition: The Subsidiary Made Me Do It (6/19/01)
FASB’s Original Vision Impaired (1/1/01)
Feathering the Nest Egg (10/01/00)
Ryan’s Hope (7/01/00)
The Outlook: What does the next century hold for corporate finance? (01/01/00)
The Party’s Over (December 1999)
Going With the Flow (10/01/99)
Back to the Future (09/01/99)
Draining the Pool (03/01/99)
The Goodwill Games (9/1/97)
Off Again, On Again (7/1/97)
A Call To Arms (11/96)

Compliance Week

FASB Puts "Liability" Definition In Limbo (09/06/06)
Late Filings Down; Sign Of SOX Adjustment? (04/11/06)
Companies Speed Vesting To Avoid Option Expensing (01/24/06)
The Street's View of Stock Epenses, Pro Forma Earnings (11/8/05)
Analysts Propose Investor-Driven Reporting Model (11/1/05)
April 2005 Weakness Disclosures Heavy With Lease Issues (05/10/05)

Corporate Governance

Q&A With Jack Ciesielski, The Analyst's Accountant (3/15/06)

Corporate Secretary

Knife's Edge Between Legal and Illegal (11/04)

Dow Jones Newswires

Derivatives And Options Seen As The "Restatement Viruses" Of 2006
Dodgy Debt at Root of Refco's Troubles (10/10/05)
"Footnote Factor" Looms Large This Year (4/8/02)

Financial Reporting Watch

Study Says Firms Accelerated Vesting Of Stock Options To Avoid Reporting $4.7B In Compensation (08/06)

Financial Times

More To Be Gained From Talking In The Same Tongue (09/27/07)
Lehman Poised To Offer Clues On Credit Hit (09/16/07)
Investors Voice Concerns on Pension Assumptions (1/15/02)
Shift In Option Accounting Rules Could Hit Bottom Line (3/2/04)

Yes, Stock Options Do Still Matter (01/18/06)
Financial Services: GE's Accounting Flub (05/10/05)
Option Addicts In the Heartland (11/01/04)
Unexploded Ordnance (10/04/04)
The SEC’s G-Day (3/28/03)
An Option That Does Nothing (12/12/02)
Pension Panic (12/10/02)
An Option To Do Nothing (9/2/02)
Congress Is Blowing It (6/14/02)
Pollyanna Pensions (5/27/02)
Is Accounting Dead? (3/4/02)
Deceiving Darlings (6/11/01)
Earnings Alchemy (4/17/00)


Consider Your Options; Changes in the rules on expensing stock options could alter the value of many tech stocks (03/08/04)
Ten Questions Every Investor Should Ask Before Buying Stock (12/22/03)
Why AOL's Accounting Problems Keep Popping Up (4/14/03)
What's So Great About GE? (2/19/02)
Who’s In the Mood To Buy Stocks? (2/7/02)
Dirty Rotten Numbers/The System's Broke/Don't Get Burned (2/4/02)
That Old Financial Magic (2/3/02)
Annual Reports Decoded (6/13/01)
Software Makers Get Freed by an Accounting Change (3/19/01)
Is Your Stock Addicted To Write-Offs? (3/21/01)
Hocus-Pocus: How IBM Grew 27% A Year (2/17/01)
The Bad News About Options (11/13/00)
The Party’s Over (6/26/00)
Presto! Chango! Sales Are Huge! (3/20/00)
Why Investors And Companies Should Fear a Year-End Audit (12/6/99)
Just What Are Earnings, Anyway? (9/6/99)
The Earnings Illusion (4/26/99)
Forget Earnings--Try Fully Diluted EEBS! (5/11/98)
What's Driving Return On Equity (4/29/96)
Any Derivatives In Your Portfolio? (4/3/95)

Investment News

Execs Grow Wary Of Exercising Options (08/28/06)

IR Magazine

Ahead of the Game (05/05)

The Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance

Current SEC/PCAOB Accounting & Auditing (May/June 09)
Business Combinations: New Accounting Guidance (Jan/Feb 09)
SEC/PCAOB Conference Highlights (May/June 08)
Recent SEC/PCAOB Developments (Nov/Dec 07)
Stock Option Backdating Bedlam (Mar/Apr 07)
Reading the SEC's Tea Leaves (Sep/Oct 06)

The Morning News

Cisco Systems Computes Numbers Favorably (7/29/01)

Know Your Earnings (7/25/01)


Better To Give and Receive (06/27/05)

New York Times

A Window In A Smoky Market (7/6/08)
A Plan to Let S.E.C. Accept Foreign Rules Is Opposed (09/25/07)
A Tax Secret Emerges From the Murk (01/14/07)
H&R Block Fumbles on Its Own Tax Return (2/25/2006)
G.M. Tops List as Study Questions Pension Accounting (06/30/05)
Cisco Pushes a New Twist on Options (5/12/05)
S.E.C. Inquires Into Pension Accounting at Ford and G.M. (10/20/04)
Step Right Up and Beat the Numbers (09/19/04)
It's Time to Move Pension Reporting Out of the Dark (11/10/02)
Information Sooner, Yes, But Make It Better, Too (5/5/02)
What If The Big Five Turn Into A Final Four? (3/17/02)
As It Beat Profit Forecast, I.B.M. Said Little About Sale of a Unit (2/15/02)
A Tattered Andersen Fights for Its Future (1/13/02)
New rules help AOL Time Warner, but put it to a test (1/9/02)
AOL Expecting Rule to Lead To Big Charge And Net Loss (1/8/02)
An Economic Stimulus Bill With Corporations in Mind (10/27/01)
Behind a Closed Door (7/1/01)
Despite Big Inventory Charge, Investors Seem to Have Faith in Cisco (4/18/01)
How Did They Value Stocks? Count the Absurd Ways (3/18/01)
Expert Advice: Focus on Profit (3/18/01)
A Question Of Conflict Amid a Web Of Interests (1/22/01)
Some Gateway Numbers Stay Inside the Box (10/22/00)
A Candidate Weighs In On An Accounting Rule Change (10/17/00)
AOL Time Warner May Inflate Internet Stock Values Even More. (1/11/00)
Microsoft's Accounting Under Scrutiny (7/1/99)
Putting On A Happier Profit Face (5/16/99)
Accounting For Mergers May Change (4/21/99)
Corporate Profits Are Tasty, But Artificially Flavored (3/28/99)
Accountants Are Preparing For Months Of Debate Over Abolishing A Rule On Corporate Mergers (2/19/99)
S.E.C. Crackdown on Technology Write-Offs (9/29/98)
Finding Flaws In an Old Barometer (7/19/98)
A Planned 'Pooling' Method That Has a Definite Upside (4/7/98)
S.E.C. Is Challenging MCI On Accounting Procedures (4/2/98)
Truth or Consequences? Hardly (6/23/96)

New York Times Magazine

At the Options Buffet, Some Got a Bigger Helping (7/23/06)
What Are Mergers Good For? (06/05/05)

On The Wires

Footnotes In The Footlights As Annual Reports Hit Street (June 2002)

Pioneer Press

NWA Pensions Draw Scrutiny (10/21/04)

Plan Sponsor

Pensions Boost No Flash In The Pan (September 2000)
Goodwill: What Is It Really Worth? (March 1995)

The RMA Journal

Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Section 404: Basics on Internal Control Reports (September 2005)

San Antonio Express-News

To expense or not to expense? (7/26/03)

San Francisco Chronicle

Firms Accelerating Stock Option Availability(08/22/06)
Companies Reasses Stock-Option Grants (08/30/06

The Strategic Finance Magazine

The SEC Goes International (12/08)



Is Manugistics Really That Much Back on Track? (11/6/00)
Cracking the Books II: More! Bigger! Faster! Better! (10/18/99)

USA Today

Restaurants have accounting trouble with leases (01/05/05)
Fuzzy accounting raises flags (6/22/01)

Wall Street Journal

Accounting Scandals: Not a Problem? (07/07/07)
Blackstone Tests Fairness of Using 'Fair Value' Rule (04/18/07)
Gray Area: Martek Idle Assets Draw Questions (03/20/07)
Steve Jobs Should Address Optons Scandals (09/06/06)
Lucent's Profit Crutch--Pensions (12/28/05)
Doctor Bill Comes Due For Corporate America (12/19/05)
Taxing Times (11/28/05)
Tracking the Numbers (11/18/05)
Lease Accounting Draws Scrutiny (11/18/05)
What the In-Crowd Knows (11/16/2005)
Pension Inquiry Shines Spotlight On Assumption (11/9/2005)
Watchdogs Frustrated By Sarbanes Extension (10/04/05)
Outside Audit: Lease Restatements Are Surging (4/20/05)
Options Accounting Aids Google (4/20/05)
Insurer's Filing Had Accounting Clues (04/11/05)
Blog, Blog, Blog (04/04/05)
Moving the Market -- Tracking the Numbers/Outside Audit: Rule Seeks to Uncover Cost of Stock Options --- Companies to Be Required To Disclose Amount Spent On Buybacks (12/20/04)
Cisco May Profit On New Option (12/07/04)
Ford and GM Get SEC Request On Pension Accounting Practices (10/20/04)
Buybacks Make a Grand Comeback (09/01/04)
FASB Options Plan Could Cut Future Op Cash Flows (08/25/04)
Accounting Oversight Board Set To Release Big 4 Findings (08/25/04)
Non-Audit Fees Drop Below 50% Of Auditor Payments - Study (07/07/04)
Outside Audit: Options Bill Offers Little at the Bottom Line (06/17/04)
Google Search: How Does It Value Its Shares? (05/13/04)
Yahoo, Google and Internet Math (5/10/04)
Outside Audit: The Red Flag Called "Self Insurance" (3/15/04)
Investors Aren't Expected to Blink When Options Expensing Is Required (3/13/04)
2nd Update: MCI Impairment Charge May Be Harbinger (3/12/04)
Shock! The Numbers Are Merely Estimates (3/9/04)
Gloom Lifting For Pension Plans (8/15/03)
Freddie Mac's Shuffling Games (6/27/03)
Pensions Fall ?? Not CEO's Bonus (6/18/03)
Tales of the Tape: Fed Ex Pension Acctg Smooth But Vexing (6/17/03)
FASB Names Key Pension Details Companies Should Disclose (5/28/03)
Expensing Options Won’t Create a "Disaster" (5/1/03)
Letter to the Editor Re: Craig Barrett’s Editorial On Option Expensing (4/23/03)
Dell-CIT Venture May Be an Orphan Under FASB's Rules (3/27/03)
Coke Plan for Option Valuing Fizzles Out After Few Months (3/7/03)
Fixing the Numbers Problems (1/13/03)
Steve Case Quits as AOL Chairman Under Pressure (1/13/03)
Accounting-Standards Panel Takes On Hot-Button Issues (1/13/03)
Companies Pour Cash Into Pension Plans To Avoid Pitfalls (1/30/03)
Complaints Spur FASB To Consider Pension Accounting (12/6/02)
Pension-Plan "Crisis" May Be False Alarm (11/26/02)
GM Courts Pension Mgmt Business, Despite Grim Environment (11/21/02)
SmartMoney: Extreme Measure: Here’s What It Will Take To Clean Up Wall Street and Corporate America (6/18/02)
Dragging Tech Sector's Losses Erase Gains of '90s Boom (8/19/01)
Gains in Pension Plans Help Give Boost To Many Companies’ Quarterly Results (6/15/01)
Companies’ Pension Costs Plunged in '99 (6/6/00)
SEC Considers a Wide Review Of Firms' Write-Offs Practices (1/22/99)
Questionable Accounting Rule Draws Scrutiny From Analysts (??? /97)
Allocation Theory EVA: The Latest Economic Elixir (2/13/97)
Accounting Group Considers Forcing Software Companies to Defer Revenue (11/25/96)

Washington Business Forward

R&D Under A Microscope (8/99)

The Washington Post

Public Companies Complain to SEC About Audit Cost (04/09/05)
With Lease Rule Clarified, Retailers Restating Results (02/24/05)
Expense Issue Draws Mixed Views From Companies (08/16/04)

Gimmickry of Accelerated Option Vesting (11/4/05)


Demand Leakage!?!? (6/6/03)
Acute Observations (5/16/03)
Low Road, High Road: Recognizing Options Compensation (10/25/02)
Listening In, Too: Not Just Management Lucre (8/9/02)
Acute Observations (7/12/02)
Acute Observations (2/1/02)
Acute Observations (11/9/01)
News Bites: Options, For Whom? (8/3/01)
StreetBeat: "Twas Ever Thus" (5/11/01)
Acute Observations (4/6/01)
News Bites: Pension Pain (12/8/00)
Guest Perspective: Options: Reprice? Or Reissue? (7/14/00)

Wiley Periodicals

SEC/PCAOB Auditor Issues May/June 2012
Current Financial Reporting Issues - May/June 2011
Current issues challenging the profession - May/June 200
New Accounting for Lessees - January/February 2010
Current SEC/PCAOB accounting and auditing issues - May/June 2009
Business combinations: New accounting guidance - January/February 2009
SEC/PCAOB conference highlights - May/June 2009
Recent SEC/PCAOB developments - November/December 2007
Stock option backdating bedlam - March/April 2007
Reading the SEC's Tea Leaves - September/October 2006


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